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The electronic newsletter is published three times a year. It details news about the Lakeshore Nature Preserve including research projects, educational uses, land stewardship and restoration efforts, and fundraising successes. It also provides a place to feature the names of our volunteers once a year in recognition for their contributions to the Preserve. To subscribe please send an email to with “subscribe newsletter” in the subject line.


Newsletter highlights

May 2024 E-Newsletter Prescribed fire class, Landscape Architecture 581, student volunteers, interns, spongy moth, fields trips, Madison Water Utility Well 19, Be a Preserve Partner
March 2024 E-Newsletter Frautschi Center and Frautschi Center Fund for the Future, 175th Anniversary Community Open House and Science Expeditions, celebrating Preserve volunteers and donors, debris disposal, Student Engagement Grants, Nurturing in Nature series, Multicultural Student Center, Summer Community Science series, Insect Ambassadors, seeking director, safety, Day of the Badger, Friends of the Preserve annual meeting with guest speaker Dr Jessica Hua
February 2024 E-Newsletter Picnic Point firewood racks, student engagement grants, land management notes, 2023 Summary of Birding (eBird) Activity, seed collection bags
Fall 2023 E-Newsletter student engagement grants, tree swallows, Audubon Society at UW-Madison, bumble bee foraging, pollination, Preserve as a place of respite and well-being, poetry audio trail, Prairie Partners interns, land management notes
Spring Summer 2023
master plan, outreach center, recognizing volunteers and donors, dormant season land management, Natural Area Assistants, human-coyote interactions, Wisconsin Master Naturalist training, self-guided campus walking tour, Student Engagement Grants, Friends field trips, Insect Ambassadors, Insect Community Series
Fall 2022 E-Newsletter annual appeal, Our Shared Future: Ho-Chunk blessing, master plan update, outreach center planning, Student Engagement Grants, Hoofers Ambassadors, drone policy, Connor Kotte, Emily Jorgensen, Earth Partnership FIG, Fill the Hill results, planning for change, Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee
2022 Summer E-Newsletter Master plan update, outreach center planning, meet the students working in the Preserve, Student Engagement Grant awards, Central Bill’s Woods management spotlight, ticks and Lyme Disease, soil conservation structure, bluebird trail, Heidi Dvinge memorial bench, storm damage, water safety, Day of the Badger thank you
Spring 2022 E-Newsletter volunteers and donors make it possible, master plan update, insect pests, emerald ash borer, spongy moth, bat monitoring, land management, burial mounds, seeds, birds, birding, field trips, volunteering, Friends annual meeting, fire circles, Preserve hours, Day of the Badger
2022 Winter E-Newsletter teaching and research, student engagement grant projects, actinobacteria and honey bees, storm water and green infrastructure, F.H. King composting, wild and domestic canids, beginning birdwatching with Audubon at UW-Madison, fungi brochure, Master Naturalist training, dog walking on leash, volunteering
2021 Summer E-Newsletter Preserve staff teamwork award, Master Plan update, prescribed fire, student team members, Prairie Partners interns, Preserve Committee members recognized, Tom Brock, Stephen Sentoff, Purple Martins, Hasler Limnology Garden, volunteering, field trips, Day of the Badger results
2021 Spring E-Newsletter volunteers step up for scaled back program, tree removals, Day of the Badger, volunteer photo essay by Ginny Jackson, volunteer profile: Roma Lenehan, Arlene Koziol photos, visitor counter, turkeys, Friends of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve annual meeting, Science Expeditions, undergraduate research grant awardees, Emerald Ash Borer
2020 Fall E-Newsletter student engagement grants, F.H. King bee hive, land management project updates, Impatiens (jewelweed) research, new bench honors ancestors, when to call UWPD, explore the Audio Trail, Stakeholder Meeting, Fill the Hill fundraising results
2020 Summer E-Newsletter garlic mustard volunteers, Suzy Will-Wolf, Friends of the Preserve citizen science projects, purple martins, bluebirds, UWPD activity in Preserve, National Atmospheric Deposition Program precipitation monitoring, bird observations, seasonal staff, Michal Michiels
2020 Spring E-Newsletter volunteers and donors make the difference, way-finding in natural areas, oak woodland restoration, Biocore Prairie Bird Observatory
2019 Fall E-Newsletter Badger Volunteers,  oak tree management, bat research, UW Lot 130, seasonal staff, Hoofers Ambassadors, fire circles, field trips, volunteer events, children’s book supports wetland appreciation and conservation
2019 Summer E-Newsletter Snapshot Wisconsin, AmeriCorps NCCC, student engagement grant project, forming connections using sweet potatoes, Prairie Partners interns, field trips, volunteer events, seasonal staff, tracking tree growth, changes to lots 129 and 130, volunteers explore poetry of Mary Oliver
2019 Spring E-Newsletter appreciation for donors and volunteers, strategic planning process, on letting nature takes its course, UWPD liaison officer, bat monitoring, student engagement grant awards, Eagle Heights Woods, volunteer stewards, field trips, changes to lots 129 and 130
2018 Fall E-Newsletter jumping worms, fungi, Picnic Point homecoming celebration, Badger Volunteers, prescribed fire, President’s Oak, witness trees, field trips, volunteer stewards, iNaturalist, canids, Instagram
2018 Summer E-Newsletter student journaling, 2018 student engagement grants, Prairie Partners interns, Muir Knoll dedication centennial, field trips, seasonal staff, Friends of the Preserve, spring planting, Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge outing, remembrance tree, west campus stormwater project, blue-green algae
2018 Spring E-Newsletter recognizing donors and volunteers, prescribed burns, Biocore birthday party, Biocore Prairie Bird Observatory, Friends of the Preserve, vegetation survey, Wally Bauman Woods, Groundswell Conservancy, volunteer spotlight, Raymer’s Cove sign
2017 Fall E-Newsletter Ecology 460, bats, white-nose syndrome, bench, gifts to the Preserve, volunteer spotlight, on-going volunteers, Friends of the Preserve, citizen science, field trips, Eagle Heights Woods, Quercus species, Willow Creek Woods, seasonal staff
2017 Summer E-Newsletter legacy giving, Biocore Prairie Bird Observatory, field trips, volunteer spotlight, on-going volunteers, AmeriCorps NCCC Crew, Prairie Partners interns, Eagle Heights Woods, Willow Creek Woods, jumping worms, student engagement grants, seasonal staff
2017 Spring E-Newsletter recognizing our donors and volunteers, Eagle Heights Woods, volunteer greeters needed, student engagement grant study, volunteer spotlight, field trips, fig buttercup
2016 Fall E-Newsletter Picnic Point kiosk, Eagle Heights Woods update, MBAs with a heart, student engagement grant, on-going volunteers, field trips, leaf-cutter ants, Students for the Preserve, volunteer opportunities, Biocore Prairie, Naval ROTC, Ecology 460, monarch butterfly conservation studies
2016 Summer E-Newsletter invasive plant monitoring and control program, Eagle Heights Woods update, student engagement grants, Arbor Day observance, Prairie Partners Interns, slackline/hammock/rope swing policy, Friends of the Preserve, volunteer opportunities, narrow-leaf bittercress, reserve fire circles online, Preserve Committee
2016 Spring E-Newsletter volunteers support Preserve, Four Lakes Wildlife Center, mound complex on National Register of Historic Places, F.H. King beehives, Officer Van Den Bogart, Eagle Heights Woods update, gifts support Preserve, new volunteer initiative, prescribed fire, field trips, volunteer opportunities
2015 Fall E-Newsletter Students for the Preserve, UW Urban Canid Project, Eagle Heights Woods update, new Picnic Point entrance, Mara McDonald, Pollinator Project, student engagement grants, gifts support Preserve, 4th Sunday walks, campus master plan update, volunteer opportunities
2015 Summer E-Newsletter Preserve a-buzz with research, Prairie Partners interns, phenology, annual giving, field trips, dogs on leash, Eagle Heights Woods update, bluebird trail, volunteer opportunities
2015 Spring E-Newsletter thank you volunteers, dogs on leash, spring burns planned, Friends fund Eagle Heights Woods project, in memory, west campus stormwater project, canid research, Preserve permits, 2014 volunteers
2014 Fall E-Newsletter Biocore Prairie, Laura Wyatt, time for thanksgiving, Quentin Carpenter, undergrad research, Students for the Preserve, Eagle Heights Gardens applications, Preserve Committee
2014 Summer E-Newsletter Prairie Partners interns, student engagement grants, Cathie Bruner, breeding bird survey, bird and nature walks, Students for the Preserve, 5 questions with a volunteer, west campus stormwater project update, turtles, Friends of the Preserve
2014 Spring E-Newsletter fox and coyote research, student engagement grants, thank you volunteers, saving butternut trees, breeding bird survey, 5 questions with a volunteer, Eagle Heights Woods
2013 Fall E-Newsletter Society for Ecological Restoration volunteers, Preserve as outdoor lab, autumn leaf color, Calvatia gigantea, west campus stormwater project update, Party on the Path
2013 Summer E-Newsletter summer students in the Preserve, Prairie Partners interns, 2013 project updates, new invader–Japanese hedgeparsley, growing season prescribed burns, dogs in the Preserve
2013 Spring E-Newsletter thanks 2012 volunteers, planting vs seeding, 2013 project preview, academics in the Preserve, culinary control of garlic mustard
2012 Fall E-Newsletter autumnal fire, First-Year Interest Group, Wally Bauman Woods, Emerald ash borer, stormwater, volunteers, biomass, new trailhead signs
2012 Summer E-Newsletter interns, audio trail, new planting, new fire circle reservation system, ticks, research, tractor, project updates, volunteers, staff changes
2012 Spring E-Newsletter 2012 Garlic Mustard Challenge!, bumblebee ecology, burn season, invasives, Picnic Point improvement
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