We encourage you to enjoy and use the Lakeshore Nature Preserve but we need to protect the biological and cultural resources of the landscape in accordance with the Preserve’s educational mission. Permits allow us to minimize conflicts between users and to coordinate your project with campus security and other activities.

I want to reserve a fire circle.
I want to have a campfire.
Fire Circle Reservation
I want to do research in the Preserve.
I want to teach a class on Preserve grounds.
Teaching and Research Permit
I want to place a geocache. Geocache Placement Permit
I want to hold an organized run/walk.
Our group wants to exercise here regularly.
UW-Madison Run/Walk Request
I want to take posed or formal pictures in the Preserve. Guidelines for Photography
I want to moor my boat near the Preserve.
I want to paddle around the Preserve.
The Union’s Outdoor UW has paddling, mooring, and storage locker rentals.