During a winter morning on Jan. 23, 2015, from left, graduate student Marcus Mueller prepares a radio collar as Michael Maroney, a veterinarian with the Research Animal Resources Center, monitors a sedated-fox caught on campus near the Lakeshore Nature Preserve at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as part of a research effort to study the behavior of growing fox and coyote populations in the city of Madison.

Proposals for Student Engagement Grants (up to $1000 for undergraduate teaching and research) are due March 1, 2019.

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White tundra swans flying over University Bay Drive with Picnic Point in background.

The Lakeshore Nature Preserve is a Wisconsin Important Bird Area.

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A dusting of snow covers the trees as a man walks by a stone wall entrance to Picnic Point.

The diversity of rock specimens in the stone wall at Picnic Point makes it an ideal teaching aid for geology students.

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Dark straight-trunked trees stand out in snowy landscape.
Pedestrians ride their bicycles and walk on a colorful tree-lined path at the Howard Temin Lakeshore Path during fall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Nov. 4, 2016.

The Howard Temin Lakeshore Path is popular with runners, bikers, and walkers.
Photo by Bryce Richter/UW-Madison.

Four students taking measurements in Biocore Prairie.

Biocore Prairie is a teaching and research field site for two Biocore lab courses.

Woodland meets prairie with both in fall colors of red, orange, and yellow.

Oak, hickory, poplar, and sumac color the Preserve's Second Point Woods.

Over 600 volunteers helped support the mission of the Preserve in 2018.

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A sparrow sits on a Compass Plant stalk.

Over 255 bird species have been observed in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve.

Prescribed fire crew burning Biocore Prairie.

Prescribed fire improves wildlife habitat and provides valuable training and research opportunities.
Photo by Lina Ekholm.

A large group of volunteers pose for a photo holding rakes and other tools.

Over 600 volunteers helped support the mission of the Preserve in 2017.

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