Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee

A dozen members of the Preserve Committee sit on the steps on the tip of Picnic Point for a meeting.
The Preserve Committee conducts a meeting on Picnic Point. Photo by Bryn Scriver.

The Preserve Committee is an advisory board made up of faculty, staff, and student members, which advises UW-Madison administration and staff on policies for stewardship and use of the Preserve.

The charge of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee is “to ensure the integrity of these cherished campus resources through the provision of necessary and appropriate oversight, policies, guidelines, stewardship and management.”

Preserve Committee meetings are open to the public. For meeting dates, times, and locations, please check the events calendar.

Preserve Committee Documents

Academic staff and faculty are appointed for a three-year term, with a maximum of two terms. Student members are appointed by the Associated Students of Madison for annual terms.

2023-2024 Preserve Committee Members

Voting members

Robert Beattie, academic staff/CHAIR (2nd term ends July 2025)
David Drake, faculty (interim appointment, term ends July 2024)
Brayden Fry (annual ASM appointment)
Claudia Guzmán, academic staff (1st term ends July 2025)
Cole Koffron, student (annual ASM appointment)
Anna Pidgeon, faculty (2nd term ends July 2025)
Elmo Rawling, faculty (1st term ends July 2025)
Evie Sellers, student (annual ASM appointment)
Kyle Webert, academic staff (1st term ends July 2025)

Non-voting ex officio or consultants

Kelly Ignatoski, ex officio, Director University Apartments
Rhonda James, consultant, Senior Landscape Architect, Campus Planning
Missy Nergard, ex officio, Director Office of Sustainability
Josh Goldman, ex officio, Interim Director UW Arboretum
Ingrid Jordan-Thaden, ex officio, President Friends of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve
Laura Wyatt, ex officio, Interim Director Lakeshore Nature Preserve

Past Preserve Committee Members