Maps of the Preserve

Trail Map

A map of paths, trails, and roads in and near the Lakeshore Nature Preserve, indicating which are open to bicycles and which are not.

Audio Trail Map

A map showing locations of audio trail signs in the Preserve to prompt you to listen to Preserve stories (and Preserve inspired poetry) on your cell phone.

Preserve Boundaries Map

An aerial photograph of the UW-Madison campus and environs with the Lakeshore Nature Preserve highlighted. (Ken Saiki Design)

Preserve Ortho Photo (2006 Master Plan)

A high-resolution aerial photograph of the western portions of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve

Existing Use Map (2006 Master Plan)

A map of major zones of activity in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve, including trails and major transportation routes. (Ken Saiki Design)

Existing Vegetation Map (2006 Master Plan)

A map of existing zones of vegetation, from prairie and marsh to forest to working landscape. (Ken Saiki Design)

Cultural Resources Map (2006 Master Plan)
A map of major archaeological, architectural, and cultural landscape resources in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve. (Ken Saiki Design)
Preserve Watersheds Map (2006 Master Plan)

A map of the chief drainages and watersheds of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve, with areas of special concern indicated. (Ken Saiki Design)

Dane County Glacial Geology Map

A map showing glacial deposits and glacial limits in Dane County (

Willow Creek Watershed Map

An aerial photo of the near west side of Madison with the Willow Creek watershed (which drains into University Bay) highlighted. (Cassandra Garcia)

Experimental Farm and College Grounds Map 1870-1874


Experimental Farm and College Grounds Map 1870-1874 with 1894 notations


Washburn Observatory and Surrounding Grounds Map 1880


Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association Plat Map 1892


Frautschi Point Site Building Map


Pharmaceutical Gardens Plat Map


Big Woods Olin Plat Map 1900-1909


Picnic Point Plat Map


University Farms Map 1934


Humorous Bird’s Eye View of Campus Map 1937


Interactive Map

See the Image Gallery for:

  • Historic aerial photos of the Preserve
  • Contemporary aerial photos of the Preserve