Seeking Preserve Trail Monitors

Do you visit the Preserve often? Do you like purposeful exercise? Do you want to help the Preserve while you experience the beauty of the campus natural areas?

Consider becoming a Preserve Trail Monitor!

Trail Monitors are needed to travel the Preserve trails regularly (once a week) during the warmer months of the year to check on trail and sign conditions.

Trail monitors will:

  • Pick up litter and remove smaller branches and other debris on the trail
  • Report any hazardous trail conditions including severe erosion, trees on trails or obvious tree hazards over trails, especially after big storms
  • Check trailhead and directional signs for damage or graffiti and prune vegetation to keep them visible
  • Cut back vegetation growing out into the trail
  • Be courteous to Preserve visitors
  • Dress appropriately for outdoor work and protect self from sun exposure and insects

If you are interested please contact the Preserve Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator