Witness Trees K

Point K: “Half-Mile Mark Between Sections 15 & 22”

Original Land Survey, Twp 7N, Rge 9E, 15-22 W, 21-22 N

At this midpoint of the mile-long traverse from the southeast corner of modern Bascom Hall along the route of modern Linden Street to where the WARF Building now stands—perhaps at about the place where Russell Laboratories now stands—Deputy Surveyor Orson Lyon set a post and sighted to two trees:

“B. [black] Oak 9S 11W 35” and “Do. [ditto] 8N 20E. 100”

Translated (converting the final number in each entry from surveyor’s links to feet, and ignoring the initial compass bearing information), this means that he found two black oak trees, one 23 feet from the post, the other 66 feet from the post. This suggests that the vegetation was oak savanna.

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