Witness Trees J

Point J: “Corner of Sections 15, 16, 21, & 22”

Original Land Survey, Twp 7N, Rge 9E, 15-22 W, 21-22 N

At this point, as he reached the end of the mile-long traverse between sections 21 and 22 to the south—at the point where Linden and Walnut streets intersect today, right by the modern WARF building—Deputy Surveyor Orson Lyon set a post and sighted to two trees:

“Black Oak S 51E. 268” and “Burr Oak 15N 71 1/2 E 414”

What is most interesting about these entries is how far Lyon had to walk to reach his two witness trees: 177 feet to get to the black oak, and 273 feet to get to the bur oak. This suggests open savanna with a few scattered trees amid grasses and sedges. He characterized the mile due south of this point in the following way: “Land rolling & 2d rate Timber Burr Black & White Oak Undergrowth Oak & Grass.”

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