Witness Trees F

Point F: “East Shore of Frautschi Point Between Sections 9 & 16”

Original Land Survey, Twp 7N, Rge 9E, 9-16 E

This was an unusual partial survey line, since neither its start nor its end was at a section corner; instead, Deputy Surveyor Orson Lyon ran a transect from shore to shore across what is today called Frautschi Point. At this location, Lyon reached the shore of Lake Mendota southeast of Frautschi Point, his line intersecting at its end a single tree described as follows:

“To a black Oak 8 inches diameter corner”

It is hard to draw many conclusions from this limited scrap of information, other than that it is consistent with the predominantly oak woodland that appears to have characterized this area at the time. How open the forest may have been cannot be guessed from this single tree, though Lyon characterized this line across Frautschi Point as having “undergrowth grass,” suggesting open forest.

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