Witness Trees C

Point C: “West Shore of Frautschi Point Between Sections 9 and 16”

This was an unusual partial survey line, since neither its start nor its end was at a section corner; instead, Deputy Surveyor Orson Lyon ran a transect from shore to shore across what is today called Frautschi Point. Lyon began the transect by setting a post by the lakeshore and sighted to two trees:

“Black Oak 17S 7W 46” and “Do [ditto] 15N 61E 34”

Translated (converting the final number in each entry from surveyor’s links to feet, and ignoring the initial compass bearing information), this means that he found two black oak trees, one 30 feet from the post, the other 22 feet from the post. This suggests a fairly open oak forest, and Lyon characterized this line across Frautschi Point as having “undergrowth grass,” also suggesting an open forest or savanna.

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