Raymer’s Ravine

Raymer’s Ravine is a steep-sided channel that collects water from Lake Mendota Drive and the Eagle Heights Apartment area and carries it down to the lake. The sandstone cliffs here are especially lovely in the light of early morning and late afternoon.

Photo by Bryn Scriver.

Rushing water and crashing waves have carved cliffs in the soft sandstone here that are beautiful to view, but water has also posed challenges for managers trying to protect this ravine from destructive erosion.

In 2004, rip-rap was installed here to stabilize the banks and to slow surging water during storm events. A complete redesign of the adjacent parking area was done at the same time with stone, geotextiles, and prairie vegetation to increase diversity, control erosion, improve safety, and make the beauty of this special area and the water’s edge more accessible. A small number of relic prairie plants no longer extant anywhere else in the Preserve cling to a meager existence in the eroded rocks here.

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