A Special Giving Opportunity

In this season of giving, for every donation to the Lakeshore Nature Preserve, we will donate a book to a child to inspire an appreciation for wetlands.

With your support the Lakeshore Nature Preserve is able to shelter natural environments and cultural resources on the UW-Madison campus for the purpose of active learning, research, and outreach in a place of respite and well-being.

While the university provides staff and basic services, gift funds are critical to facilitate our educational mission in addition to caring for the land.

As a special incentive to giving in 2019, for each gift received, a copy of a new children’s book, Sandhill Crane Siblings Learn to Find Food, by Joy Zedler will be given to a child in the UW-Madison Eagle Heights residential community. Joy Zedler, UW-Madison Professor Emerita, served as the Aldo Leopold Chair of Restoration Ecology for the UW Arboretum for 18 years and is the author of numerous journal articles and books. Dr. Zedler is donating her books to organizations that help children appreciate wetlands.

Our goal is 100 gifts. Please join us! To support the Lakeshore Nature Preserve visit supportuw.org/giveto/lakeshore.