Teaching and Research in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve

The Lakeshore Nature Preserve offers a rich environment for teaching and research activities—and is conveniently located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Previous projects include ecological surveys, art installations, archaeological experiments, mapping, climate and biology labs, wildlife study, genetic material collections, and service learning.

Why do I need a permit?

A student wearing waders stands in Willow Creek up to his waist and collects a water sample while another student in waders watches from the shore.
Biocore students collect water samples from Willow Creek. Photo by Cathie Bruner.

We encourage teaching and research in the Preserve but need to protect the biological and cultural resources of the landscape in accordance with the Preserve’s educational mission.

  • Permits allow us to minimize conflicts between users, to control unsuitable uses, and to coordinate your project with campus security and restoration activities.
  • Permits allow us to share with administration the valuable role the Preserve serves as an outdoor laboratory for teaching and research.
  • As part of our stewardship for the Preserve, we archive and share research data about the Preserve. To accomplish this, we ask all research permit holders to submit a short annual report.

Start a New Permit Application

Projects have the oversight of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve Program Manager. For more information, please contact:

Laura Wyatt
Assistant Director, Lakeshore Nature Preserve