Strategic Plan 2020-2030

Lakeshore Nature Preserve Strategic Plan 2020-2030 (5.02 Mb)

The Lakeshore Nature Preserve is pleased to present its first comprehensive Strategic Plan, designed to help chart the on-going use and management of the Preserve over the next 10+ years. The Plan also provides a foundation for long-term, stable and resilient support for preserving these 300 acres for use and enjoyment by students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members for decades to come. The Strategic Plan, paid fully with private gift dollars, is a broad statement and strategic guide for continued use of these lands for teaching, research and outreach.

One of the significant goals of this strategic planning process has been to identify ways to enhance the Preserve’s contributions to excellence in teaching, research, outreach, and wellness for the university community. Much of the work in the Preserve supports and embodies the partnerships the university has with the broad community and state in The Wisconsin Idea. Preserve users and stakeholders are integral to the vibrant campus community and through this strategic planning process they have set high goals for the health of the land and the performance of the Preserve organization.

The six strategic priorities recommended in the plan are:

  1. Consolidate and clarify our vision & mission statements
  2. Develop and implement a Communications Plan
  3. Grow resources to support our mission
  4. Building our strategic partnerships
  5. Continue on-going process improvement initiatives
  6. Update the 2006 Preserve Master Plan