Bascom Hill Tree Walk at Muir Knoll – Audio Tour

Muir Knoll contains 7 trees featured on the UW-Madison Bascom Hill Tree Walk. Each tree on this short walk is identified by a numbered marker at its base.

Download the audio tour

  • Each numbered tree has a corresponding audio file
  • Download the zipped audio files to your computer (.zip)
  • Copy them into your personal audio device (.mp3 compatible), cellphone, CD or laptop
  • Visit and enjoy!

Learn More!

  • Learn more about Muir Knoll
  • Find out where to park
  • See the UW-Madison campus map

Listen to the audio tour

Click on each number to hear about that tree

  • Introduction
  • Tree 1
  • Tree 1 and John Muir
  • Tree 2
  • Tree 3
  • Tree 4
  • Tree 5
  • Tree 6
  • Tree 7
  • About Champion Trees
  • About Sesquicentennial Trees