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Lakeshore Nature Preserve

Lot 129

Lot 129 (2004 University Bay Drive) at the stone wall entrance to Picnic Point.

Pay & Display Required Mon-Fri 6am-4:30pm. Lot Closed 10pm-4am.

Parking is free on Saturday and Sunday. Monday through Friday, visitors must pay to park using the on-site pay stations and display their receipt on their dash. Parking rates are $1 for the first hour, $2 for 61 to 90 minutes, $3 for 91 to 120 minutes and $1 for every hour thereafter until the $12/day maximum is reached.

Regular Preserve volunteers, volunteers at drop-in volunteer workparties and faculty/staff teaching or conducting research in the Preserve will be provided free parking permits for their use; please contact Preserve staff prior to your visit.

Free parking for Preserve visitors Mon-Fri is available at the entrance to Frautschi Point and at Raymer's Cove.

The interactive map shows the locations of all these lots, which are available at all times for short-term visits to the Preserve. Please heed the posted time limits at each free site (typically 3 hours). Other campus lots require permits but may be available to Preserve visitors during off hours or on weekends.

You must heed the posted parking restrictions or you may receive a ticket.


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