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Lakeshore Nature Preserve

The Preserve Library

The Preserve Library is the central repository for archived documents, news clippings, and academic research findings on the Lakeshore Nature Preserve.


Preserve Committee Documents

Preserve Annual Report 2015

Preserve Annual Report 2014

Quick facts about the Preserve

Archive of eNewsletter from the Preserve

History of UW buildings near the Preserve

Benchmark documents in the history of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve


Agendas & Minutes

Approved Policies

Stakeholder Meetings

Project Proposal Form for funding or support within the Preserve

News clippings

Special reports

Current and archived web news

E-newsletters index

News clippings index

Newsletter reprints, Friends of the Lakeshore Nature preserve

Muir Woods, Ski slide a memory

Development sparks debate, Eagle Heights Woods

Thomas D. Brock, “Eagle Heights,” Historic Madison: A Journal of the Four Lakes Region 12 (1995), 37-44.

"Preserving Nature's Gift: the Wisconsin Campus of the Future." Read a 1961 article by Prof. James Watrous on the beauty and concerns of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve.

University Bay Project, 1972-1976. Report to the Graduate School and The Class of 1922, University of Wisconsin. Prepared by the University Bay Advisory Committee, and chairman Elisabeth McCoy

2004 UW Stormwater Report (26 Mb file, best downloaded to desktop)

Image collections


View all Photo collections

Videos - the Lakeshore Nature Preserve

Aerial photos, 1927 to 1999

Postcards (in progress)

360-degree panorama photographs

Soils Lab live web-cam of the Preserve

Interactive Map of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve

Aerial photos 1927-1999



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