Apply for a Teaching and Research Permit

If you teach classes in the Preserve, please complete the form below to register your activity. This includes one-time, short-term, or long-term (more than 1 year) passive observation or data collection from trails and roads. Please re-register your activity each semester/summer session you use the Preserve. Please allow up to 1 week lead time for acknowledgement.

If you plan to conduct research in the Preserve please complete the form below to apply for a research permit. Approval is required for projects that involve the collection of organisms; off-trail trampling or minor disruption; changes to vegetation, animals, soils, or hydrology; or long-term use (more than 1 year). Please allow up to 2 weeks lead time for approval.

You will need the following information to complete the application:

Bird banding research has been conducted for more than 10 years

  1. Teaching/research description
  2. Possible impacts and precautions
  3. Desired teaching/research location
  4. List of unattended equipment
  5. Vehicle information (if requesting use)
  6. Supervising instructor/advisor contact information (if applicable)

 This information will be used to coordinate management, teaching, and research efforts.

Please review the Teaching and Research Policy before completing the form. Fill out the following form as completely as possible. When it is completed, hit "Submit permit application".

Applicant Information


Students, please complete the following section

Instructor/Advisor name
Instructor/Advisor Phone
Instructor/Advisor Email


Proposed start date*
Proposed end date*

Teaching/Research Activity Information

Activity type (choose from drop-down list)**
Course number and title (if applicable)
Research project title (if applicable)
How many people will be attending class/involved in research?*
Provide a brief description of the educational activity/research project.*
List all of the locations in the Preserve you would like to use.*
What impacts or changes to the Preserve, if any, will result from your teaching/research activities? (None if left blank)
Describe precautions you will take to minimize negative impacts on Preserve resources. (None if left blank.)
Will your project involve collecting?**
If yes, list what you would like to collect (to the species if possible) and the approximate numbers.
Will your project involve pesticides?**
If yes, please explain your proposed use of pesticides and specifically which pesticide (Please note: the use of any pesticide in the Preserve is restricted and requires authorization. Such chemicals may be applied only by trained personnel with oversight by the Program Manager.)
Does your project involve the use or handling of vertebrates? (If yes, the Preserve requires a copy of an approved Observation Waiver or Vertebrate Animal Care and Use Protocol for our files. The Program Manager will contact you.)**
Specifically list any unattended equipment or items (art installations, traps, flagging, boards, signs, etc.) that will be left in the Preserve during the activity and their location. All items must have the permit number attached to them and must be removed upon completion of the project. (None if left blank)


Only authorized motorized vehicles are permitted. Their use must be kept to a minimum and restricted to paved and gravel roads. Vehicle permits are issued by the Program Manager.

Are you requesting use of a vehicle in the Preserve?**
Vehicle Make/ Model/ License plate #

If you need permits for multiple vehicles, please contact the Preserve Program Manager (

Permit terms

By signing below you agree to do the following (more information is available on the Policies and Procedures for Teaching and Research in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve page):

-Submit an end of project report or, for multiyear projects, an annual progress report

-Put permit number on all equipment or items left on site

-Remove all equipment or items from the Preserve at the completion of the activity

-Help steward Preserve lands and report any concerns during the teaching/research activity

Signature (enter full name)*