Master Plan 2006

Master Plan coverThis master plan offers a framework for managing the Lakeshore Nature Preserve over the next decade. The plan seeks to maintain and improve the biotic health of the Preserve lands and ecosystems while enhancing the Preserve's educational and recreational benefits for all who visit it. The plan analyzes the biological and cultural resources of the Preserve to propose site-specific designs and strategies for meeting these twin goals of protecting the resources of the Preserve while enhancing the many benefits visitors derive from them.

Summary of Master Plan

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This 10-page document provides a concise overview of the entire master plan with guiding principles and key maps.

Complete Master Plan

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The master plan is a content-rich document with many maps, historic images, and descriptive text.

Sections of Master Plan

If downloading the full document is difficult on slower Internet connections, you may wish to download the Master Plan in sections.

Introduction and Guiding Principles, p. 1-4

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Site Analysis, p. 5-23

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Master Plan, p. 24-64

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